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We work with a full line of cabinetry and countertops; we will install it all. We are a premier installer of Legacy Cabinets. Set the mood with a wide selection of colors and tones to create the kitchen of your dreams. Legacy Crafted Cabinets have a host of features that may not be apparent to the eye. Learn more about the hidden values built into every Legacy Crafted Cabinet.

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H & S Contracting Inc.

Everyone could use more storage in their home. With Legacy Cabinets built into your kitchen, bathrooms and more, you get plenty of space for every member of your family. Enjoy the look and feel of quality cabinetry.

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From interior to exterior work, we can help renovate your home from top to bottom. Enjoy a wide

range of services that include roofing work to home improvement. We take pride in providing you a host of services you can utilize year round to make the most of your home.

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